Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations
  Whirpool bath/faucets  Quantity
  Bathtub/faucets  Quantity
  Shower connection with head  Quantity
  Toilet  Quantity
  Wash basin/faucets  Quantity
  Pedestal sinks & faucets  Quantity
  Pressure/temp, balance control  Quantity
  Pre-formed shower (encloser)  Quantity
  Ceramic tiles to existing tub enclosers  Quantity
  Bathroom, exterior GFI plug  Quantity
  Bathroom exhaust fan  Quantity
  Ceraminc floor tile  
  Wall mirrors  
  Interior door/hardware/jamb  Quantity
  Mirrored closet door & window casing  
  Suspended acoustic ceilings  
  Walls (i.e. insulation, vapour, barrier, drywall, tape)  
  Paiting (3coats) walls  

Bathroom Renovation / Bathroom Remodeling Companies / Contractors

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